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Our mission at LJIDI is to improve human health by performing state of the art basic and clinical research in a collaborative and supportive environment. We believe that this rare scientific environment will foster the success of our researchers and our institute.

La Jolla Infectious Disease Institute is a 501(c)3 organization for the advancement of science and for research, including the improved treatment, research design and methods, and knowledge related to the allergic response, infectious disease, and immunologic pathways. We provide educational activities for school children, undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students in the San Diego County.

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Your ongoing support will ensure that our scientists can enrich student lives with education and continue advancing global knowledge of infectious diseases through research which can benefit the lives of those afflicted with them.​​​

You can support these endeavors with your tax-deductible ​donation today. Click here to see how you can help in our Opportunities section.

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